In today’s recruiting world, it’s not uncommon for a player to commit to a program while visiting other schools and visiting other coaches. There are no rules against prospects keeping their options open after giving a verbal pledge.

Well, that’s true unless you commit to Minnesota. P.J. Fleck has a pretty strict policy on that.

Recently, Fleck was speaking at a Coaches Caravan event and dropped an interesting nugget about his rule for players who commit to Minnesota. And it may be the reason why the Golden Gophers have seen a slew of players decommit from the program recently.

“I have a rule: You commit to me, you can’t go see another place,” Fleck said, accoridng to the Star Tribune. “Not because I’m insecure. But if you want to be committed, you’re going to be committed. Too many people teach young people to be committed but also one foot in and one foot out. … You’ve got to be all in.”

Minnesota has lost commitments from three players recently, including three-star defensive linemen Aaron Witt and C.J. West. After losing those prospects, Fleck attributed the misfortune to college football, saying it’s the process of the sport and recruiting.

But it may have been Fleck’s rule the recruits weren’t too fond of.

It seems like a fair request for a head coach to set that kind of rule for players who commit. Rather than using a commitment as a security blanket, Fleck wants his players to be all in with the program.