Regardless of what you think about P.J. Fleck, you can’t deny he’s unique in his approach to college football. And, in case you didn’t notice, it worked pretty well this season, as Minnesota finished the year 11-2.

That uniqueness isn’t just specific to things that happen on the field, it also carries over into how Fleck hires his assistant coaches. During the American Football Coaches Association convention (AFCA) this weekend, the Minnesota head coach explained what he’s looking for in future staff members.

He’s looking for coaches who have failed. And to explain why, he brought up an interesting (and funny) comment about quarterback Tanner Morgan.

“I hire people who have been fired. I want people who have been through some crap,” Fleck said, according to Chris Vannini of The Athletic. “My quarterback Tanner Morgan is bald, 6-foot and doesn’t have the best arm. He will kick your butt on and off the field.”

Fleck reiterated that he doesn’t believe in hiring people who haven’t been fired before. He also asks for the “life story” of everyone he interviews for vacancies on his staff.

There probably aren’t many coaches who think like that when making a hire. Then again, there aren’t many coaches in college football who take an approach quite as unique as Fleck.

After three seasons at Minnesota, it’s pretty clear that what Fleck is doing is working. It should be fun to see if that success can be sustained in Minneapolis over a long period of time.