Minnesota has never hosted ESPN’s College GameDay, but head coach P.J. Fleck is campaigning hard for the opportunity on Nov. 9.

With wins by the Gophers and Penn State in Week 9, the two teams guaranteed that a Week 11 matchup in Minneapolis will be between two undefeated teams. It remains to be seen where those teams will be ranked, but the Nittany Lions entered Week 9 at No. 6. Minnesota was at No. 17 before the win over Maryland.

After the latest dominant performance by his squad, Fleck made a passionate case for the Twin City area as a host location during his on-field interview. He said the city and state of Minnesota absolutely deserve it:

“Maybe I’m foolish and the Twin City area has never had GameDay. Ever! It would be wonderful for our entire city – 4 million people here – to host GameDay,” explained Fleck. “Those are for other people, but I think this whole town, this city, and state deserve it.”

Jake Schneider shared the video of Fleck’s comments:

The problem with that Nov. 9 weekend is that most people are already anticipating GameDay to head to Tuscaloosa for a showdown between LSU and Alabama. Fleck is well aware of the situation, and he addressed Minnesota’s host competition during his press conference.

“All due respect to Alabama and LSU – I have no idea what’s going on with them right now – but I can tell you this: you can go to them any year,” said Fleck. “Pick a year! Pick a game! You can go to them every game of the season if you would like. College GameDay’s about unique stories, about unique places, about unique moments. That’s what they say they’re about…Believe me. Trust me! You come to the Twin City area, you come to the University of Minnesota for an undefeated Penn State team, for an undefeated Minnesota Golden Gopher team…that’s why I think they should come here.”

Hobie Artigue with FOX 9 Sports shared Fleck’s entire argument for Minneapolis to host:

Unfortunately, fans will likely have to wait until next weekend to find out if Fleck’s plea was enough.