P.J. Fleck is taking the high road in response to the recent comments made by former Minnesota head coach Jerry Kill.

Earlier this week, Kill slammed Fleck, saying he “lost a lot of respect,” for the current Gophers leader and that “he’s about himself,” not the players. It was those comments that somewhat tarnished Kill’s name as one of the good guys associated with Minnesota football.

On Thursday night, Fleck addressed the comments made by Kill, but didn’t attack the former Minnesota coach.

“Listen, I’ve got a lot of respect for Jerry Kill, I always will,” Fleck said, according to the Minneapolis Star Tribune. “I’ve learned so much from him. … I’m really sorry that he feels that way. I’m not sure where that came from.

“But I do know this: We’re focused on our team. I wish him all the best in the next journey of his life being an athletic director, and I hope he’s OK.”

Since Kill’s comments, several Gopher players have come out and defended Fleck. Several fans — both of Western Michigan and Minnesota — have shared stories of Fleck’s generosity.

While we would’ve loved to see Fleck fire back at Kill, he’s taking the high road and moving on. In the big picture, that’s probably the smart and safe play.