P.J. Fleck doesn’t just consider himself a football coach, he also believes one of his primary responsibilities is to be a teacher. While there’s an awful lot of learning that happens on the field, he also wants to make sure he’s leading off the field.

It’s why he defines Minnesota as a “life program,” not just a football program. And this week, Minnesota and Maryland will bringing awareness to a real life situation.

Saturday, Minnesota will host Maryland for its Mental Health Awareness Game. Both teams will have green ribbon on their helmets for the game, and there will be other aspects of mental health awareness throughout the day.

Tuesday, during his weekly press conference, Fleck spoke with the media about the game and bringing awareness to mental health, and he had some terrific comments on the importance of awareness.

“My job is to be able to educate and teach,” Fleck said. “And my job as a head football coach is to provide opportunities and resources for whatever the needs are of our children, of our 125 football players. That is my responsibility.”

Fleck had plenty of other great comments on the game, mental health awareness and what his responsibilities are to his team.

Maryland and Minnesota will kick things off at 3:30 p.m. ET on Saturday. Below is the full video of Fleck, as posted on Twitter by GopherHole.com.