This summer, Minnesota DL Jerry Gibson and Winston DeLattiboudere are stepping outside the box and trying something different.

Until the season starts, the two linemen will be working as security guards at the Como Park Zoo and Conservatory.

In a release from the school, Gibson said he’s enjoying his new job so far, as it gives him a chance to step outside his football persona:

“Being a football player, you get a lot of attention. Here I still get attention but people don’t know I play football,” Gibson said. “I feel like Superman because it’s Clark Kent’s hidden identity. Nobody knows who I am.”

Recently, the two defensive linemen got to make a young visitor’s trip to the zoo even better, serenading them with the happy birthday song:

Gibson and DeLattiboudere are both backups for the Gophers, but they’ll try to make even more of an impact this fall. They’ll likely have to give up their jobs at the zoo during the season, but perhaps they can go back next summer and pick up where they left off.