P.J. Fleck went to the podium on Wednesday to talk about Minnesota’s upcoming Pinstripe Bowl matchup with Syracuse. The Golden Gophers and Orange meet at Yankee Stadium.

Fleck explained at the presser that Minnesota has a system to prepare for bowl games, much like Syracuse. For the first week, Minnesota typically gives the varsity players the week off.

“Well, you have a system. I think Dino probably has a system too. You have a philosophy of how you go in bowl games. And for us week one we give the varsity the week off in terms of practicing, and then we basically just practice all the young guys.”

The second week is when Fleck lets everyone practice together. The third week is when game-planning takes place, according to Fleck. Lastly, week four is for putting everything that’s been practiced all together on the football field.

“And then the second week we kind of incorporate everybody with a heavy dose of Minnesota versus Minnesota. Get back to more of a spring ball formality. Then you get to the third and fourth week. The third week is really game-planning your opponent, and the fourth week for us is having the ability to go do it at the bowl site.”

Kickoff from Yankee Stadium will be on Thursday at 2 p.m. ET on ESPN.

(H/T ASAP Sports)