P.J. Fleck is pretty well known for his intensity and enthusiasm. The Minnesota head coach just gives off that vibe in every press conference, every meeting with the media and, well, essentially anytime a camera is on him.

Apparently, though, that intensity carries on behind the scenes, including the recruitment. You might even say that Fleck’s intensity is borderline creepy.

A story recently surfaced involving 4-star running back target Jirehl Brock, who was being heavily recruited by several schools, including Minnesota. The talented prospect shed some light on what it was like to be recruited by Fleck and the Golden Gophers, and it doesn’t sound like it was all that pleasant.

“They would text every 30 minutes,” Brock said of Minnesota, according to Football Scoop. “It was a lot to take in. You don’t want to be rude about it. You try to be as nice as possible. They were the hardest school to say no to.”

Blowing up a recruit’s phone doesn’t sound awful, especially for someone as talented as Brock. But then there was something else Brock mentioned that makes you flinch, just a little bit.

“Before I took my visit, I heard they would put you in the office and lock the doors and put an hourglass upside down and say ‘You have this much time to commit,'” Brock said. “Good thing they never did that to me.”

He also went on to say that Coach Fleck was a really good guy, but that he knows how to intimidate someone.

Unless someone confirms Brock’s story about being locked in an office, there’s no way to know whether that’s a true statement or an exaggerated tale. Either way, it sounds like going through the recruiting process at Minnesota is pretty extreme.

And it was Brock’s cup of tea, either. The 4-star back committed to Iowa State shortly after receiving all those text messages from Fleck and company.