For the second time in the last week, a member of Minnesota’s football team has decided to medically retire from the sport.

On Tuesday, the Pioneer Press reported that running back Nolan Edmonds has medically retired from the sport. He suffered and injury during spring practices and did not play in the Gophers’ spring game in April.

Edmonds, a native of Alpharetta, Georgia, is the second player in the last seven days to medically retire from football. Redshirt freshman defensive end Alex Reigelsperger decided to retire as well, following a “very serious neck injury and concussion.”

The nature of the injury for Edmonds was not mentioned in the report.

Edmonds was a three-star member of Minnesota’s 2018 recruiting class. He spent his first year with the program as a redshirt and did not see any game action. According to the Pioneer Press, Edmonds will be a “medical non-counter,” which means his “financial aid will remain for less than one year and he won’t count against the program’s scholarship limits.”