The University of Minnesota has reportedly reached a $500,000 settlement with a woman who alleges she was gang raped by several members of the school’s football team in September 2016. The report comes from the Pioneer Press.

According to the Pioneer Press, the settlement was signed in March. The woman’s name has been redacted, though the news outlet was able to confirm that it was the former student who said she was raped by numerous Minnesota football players.

The former student “believes that the University’s Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action office, the Office for Community Standards, and the Student Sexual Misconduct Subcommittee appropriately conducted the disciplinary process following her report of sexual misconduct, but she believes and has claimed that the University violated her rights relating to events occurring prior to Fall 2016 and as a result, has suffered physical injuries.”

In December 2016, 10 members of the Minnesota football team were suspended for their alleged role in the rape. After the punishment was handed down to those players, the entire Gophers football team threatened to boycott the Holiday Bowl.

However, the players eventually decided to play in the postseason game. Then-head coach Tracy Claeys voiced support over the boycott and was fired shortly after the Gophers defeated Washington State in the Holiday Bowl.

Four players were eventually suspended by the school. The 10 individuals were not criminally charged in the case.