Did you think the B1G might provide more answers on its decision to postpone football season until next spring? Well, think again.

An already murky situation transitioned into straight mud on Monday, when Penn State athletic director Sandy Barbour admitted that she wasn’t sure if there was an actual vote among B1G presidents to postpone the fall athletics seasons. It had previously been reported, by multiple outlets, that a “vote” was taken to make the decision.

“It is unclear to me whether or not there was a vote,” Barbour said, per ESPN’s Adam Rittenberg. “No one’s ever told me there was. I just don’t know whether there actually was a vote by the chancellors and presidents.”

Jeff Wald, a digital sports reporter at FOX 9 in Minnesota, confirmed that he was also told by University of Minnesota President Joan Gabel there was “no vote” among the presidents and chancellors last week, when the decision was made. However, those decision-makers did discuss the outcome of the fall sports seasons in the B1G.

Wald said that Gabel described the meeting as a “deliberative process where we cane to a decision together.”

Even so, there’s been very literal clarity provided by the B1G and commissioner Kevin Warren over the last week regarding what all went into the decision, and how it was made. During Warren’s interview on Big Ten Network, the newly-appointed commish provided vague answers and refused to get into specifics.

It’s not been a bright week for the B1G, that’s for sure.