When news came out on Friday that Minnesota Athletic Director Norwood Teague resigned amid a sexual harassment scandal, it came as a shock.

To Star-Tribune reporter Amelia Rayno, it was just more of the same.

Rayno, who covers the Golden Gophers men’s basketball team, wrote a detailed account of how the disgraced AD assaulted her via text messages. The entire article can be found here.

In it, Rayno sited how Teague’s advances seemed harmless at first, but quickly turned inappropriate the more they met outside of a typical work setting. The details revealed in Rayno’s account weren’t as graphic as the texts Teague sent to the non-student university employees, but they were similar in nature.

For Minnesota, this wasn’t exactly the public relations story it wanted heading into a 2015 football season with heightened expectations. Even worse was the fact that Teague’s accusers were university employees and members of the media, both of whom the next AD will have to have working relationships with.

Whoever takes over Teague’s job will have a mess to clean up. And if Rayno’s account was any indication, this situation is only getting messier.