Minnesota head coach P.J. Fleck offered strong statements and a powerful message on Monday, when he joined ESPN’s First Take to discuss the protests that have occurred since the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

Fleck joined the show to talk about several things, including the protests the have continued throughout the Twin Cities over the last several days. The head coach of the Golden Gophers became very passionate when speaking about social injustice and the way he believes he can best help his players and community right now.

“This week, I’ve told our football team, ‘I’m a 39-year-old white, Caucasian male; I’m not your head football coach,'” Fleck said. “‘You tell me, you call me, I’m here to listen.’

“Too many times, as a head coach, we want to talk, and talk, and talk, and talk — and we get paid to talk, and we talk for a living. But this is a time to listen, and to have empathy, and to be very real of what’s going on with the social injustice around us.”

Fleck continued to say that the world could learn a lot from college football teams and that this is the generation that can create significant change in the country.

“The world right now can learn a lot from college football teams,” Fleck said Monday. “Half of my players are African American, half are Caucasian and white.

“And the world can learn a lot about how these young people are standing up, saying what they feel, and making sure their voices are heard. And as a head football coach, that’s our responsibility.”

Below is the full clip of Fleck speaking on First Take: