Breaking out the bow and arrow or finding the nearest shooting range may have been a more appropriate use of time for Minnesota defenders on Thursday night.

What was supposed to be a B1G-Pac 12 match-up quickly turned into target practice. Three Gophers were ejected from the opening contest, all for penalties associated with targeting.

The fun started less than six minutes into the game when linebacker Cody Poock was tossed for leading with his helmet on this play:

In the second half, linebacker Jon Celestin was disqualified for taking a shot at quarterback Darell Garretson during a slide:

To round out the evening, freshman Tai’yon Devers – who had two sack-fumbles in the game – was ejected for a hit on Garretson as well:

Despite losing three defensive contributors, Minnesota hung on to beat Oregon State 30-23.

Do you agree with all three calls?