While several university presidents have stated that they plan to host on-campus classes during the fall semester, one board of regents member at the University of Minnesota doesn’t believe it’s going to happen.

Tuesday afternoon, Michael Hsu joined the Paul Finebaum Show to talk about the possibility of students returning to campus this fall, as well as the potential to get sports back up-and-running as planned. He painted a gloomy picture.

“The odds are we are not going to be back to school in the fall in person,” Hsu told the Finebaum Show. “That may mean that sports are not going to be happening, at least in the beginning.”

Conference commissioners told Vice President Mike Pence last month that, unless students were permitted back on campuses, NCAA athletics would not resume. So if Hsu doesn’t anticipate students can return for on-campus classes by the fall, it would be a damper on the chance of getting sports back at the college level.

However, over the last two weeks, a handful of B1G presidents have stated that the plan is to resume classes on campus for the fall semester. Purdue was the first to make the announcement, with Iowa, Nebraska and Michigan to follow suit. Currently, Michigan State is looking at an all-online format.

There are several different suggestions about what may happen this fall. It’s pretty clear that, while folks are working on contingency plans, there really is no clear answer at this time.