Jerry Kill will be missed by many in the college football world. We saw what kind of an impact the former Minnesota coach left on his peers.

The public perception of Kill was and is one of great respect. Stories like the one Cavonte Johnson, a walk-on defensive back, shared on Facebook Wednesday night will only solidify Kill’s reputation.

“In case you don’t know who Jerry Kill is.

I was a senior with 0 senior highlights. A torn Acl and nothing promising to offer Coach Kill. I hadn’t played corner for at least a year. Was my first year playing running back but couldn’t anymore because of my knee injury. Dartmouth had withdrawn their scholarship offer. And I questioned if I’ll ever play the game of football, that I so dearly loved, again. Then I got a call saying, ” coach kill would like to speak you Saturday at 10am.” My life changed immediately. I sat in that office in front of Coach Jerry Kill. He brought in the defensive coordinator and defensive back coach. He said to me, ” I know who you are, I know what kind of person you are and a little about where you come from. I also know that you got into the Engineering school here without any help from anyone else. I don’t need a highlight tape of you or to see you play, because I know if I give you a chance here you are going to work.” I’ve done everything in my power to prove him right and I thank him for giving me a chance to be a Minnesota Gopher and stay at home and play at this university. I am forever grateful and would give anything to have him back on that field. I love you coach.”

That tells you just about all you need to know about Kill.