Fall camp is a pretty serious time for coaches and players. It’s when everyone is sharpening their skills for the upcoming football season.

This week, though, Minnesota took a short break from practice to attend the Minnesota State Fair, which has become somewhat of a tradition during the P.J. Fleck era. And, this year, a few Gophers decided to have some fun with the patrons.

Three Gophers with some of the toughest names to pronounce (and spell) decided to give folks at the Minnesota State Fair a chance to complete a three-name challenge. Participants started with easy names like Shannon Brooks, Tyler Johnson and Seth Green before diving into the difficult ones.

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You know, like Winston DeLattiboudere, Abi N-Okonji and Esezi Otomewo.

The challenge produced some pretty hilarious and entertaining results. Keep watching until the final contestants, who absolutely nail the names, too.