The summer months can be brutal, even in the state of Minnesota. But thanks to the efforts of his offensive coordinator, Gophers quarterback Zack Annexstad was able to fend off the heat with a refreshing swim.

Recently, Minnesota was hosting Kids Camp for young football stars. As part of the event, the Gophers rented a dunk tank, because why not? And with Zack Annexstad in the tank, offensive coordinator Kirk Ciarroca thought it was necessary to ensure the device was working.

Annexstad plunged into the water after Ciarroca smacked the target. It provided a hilarious moment that was captured on video.

“I just wanted to make sure it worked,” Ciarroca said after drenching Annexstad.

Below is the video of Annexstad plunging into the dunk tank. We’ll have to see if the quarterback tries to get revenge on his OC sometime this summer.