Some touchdowns just come too easy. Like, way too easy.

That was the case for Minnesota quarterback Demry Croft against Nebraska’s defense. It kind of made you wonder what exactly the Huskers were doing.

In the first half, Croft faked a handoff to the running back and put a nice juke move on one Nebraska defender. And after that, there wasn’t another white jersey in sight as the Gopher gunslinger sprinted 73 yards for the touchdown. But, honestly, Croft could’ve decided to walk and he would’ve made it at least 50 yards.

Here’s that long touchdown run for Croft:

That was the second rushing touchdown of the season for Croft, who came into the game with 154 yards on the ground. He’s also thrown for 486 yards and four touchdowns this season for the Gophers.

That long touchdown run by Croft helped give Minnesota a 30-14 lead over Nebraska at the half.