Balancing home life and work life can be a difficult challenge, especially when you’re a major college basketball coach and raising a family with young children.

That’s the situation for Minnesota head coach Richard Pitino. And on Sunday, during the Gophers’ trip to Purdue, Pitino had to take a quick break from work to hear about an urgent message from his son. He needed to use the restroom.

During the game, Pitino’s son walks over to his dad on the bench to tell him something. After listening to the request, the coach turns to the bench and appears to say “he’s got to go to the bathroom.”

Fortunately, that moment was captured on video by Dave Marren

These kind of things probably happen more frequently than we recognize, but it’s rarely captured on camera.

Minnesota’s trip to Mackey Arena didn’t quite go as planned, as the Gophers dropped a 73-63 contest to the Boilers. But hey, at least there’s a memorable moment from the game.