Everyone in the NFL has gone through it. When rookies arrive in the league, they’re tasked with some not-so-fun responsibilities.

That’s not slowing down Benjamin St-Juste, though. The former Minnesota defensive back and member of the Washington Football Team is embracing those responsibilities.

A recent video shows St-Juste and other rookies in Washington picking up the helmets and shoulder pads of teammates. It’s a pretty standard procedure in professional sports, assigning the rookies to do some of the dirty work.

St-Juste isn’t bothered by it much, though.

In a tweet recently, the defensive back simply said, “It’s all part of the process.” That’s a pretty good outlook when doing some of those less-than-ideal chores as a newcomer.

St-Juste was selected by Washington in the third round of the 2021 NFL Draft, going No. 74 overall. He started his college career at Michigan before transferring to Minnesota.

Already, St-Juste is receiving high praise from head coach Ron Rivera.

“Watching him, he’s built like [Tillman], he’s got that mentality,” Rivera said. “You always watch him going after the football. So, when I try to compare him to somebody, I’m doing that because I see things that tell me, ‘Hey, this is what this kid’s skill set is all about.’”

It sounds like Washington made a really good decision with its selection in the third round.