Josh Pate, 247 sports analyst, has released his Nebraska predictions for 2022.

If Pate’s predictions are to be believed, it could be a winning year for the Cornhuskers. After examining the expectations for each team during the season, Pate believes that Nebraska could be a very good team.

“Eventually this could be a really good team. Is it reasonable to expect that right out of the gate? I don’t know. but the schedule does set up where if they get through that opener in Ireland, they’ve got some time to put the pieces together” Pate stated.

A key piece of any roster is the quarterback, but it’s especially key for Nebraska. Per Pate, “Ultimately, Casey Thompson’s got to get it done here…If he is 100% of what he’s capable of, they’ve got a really good QB.” Indeed, the transfer from Texas has been listed at the top of the Cornhuskers’ depth chart since arriving at Nebraska.

Should the timing and pieces come together, Pate believes that Nebraska could potentially put together a 10-2 season. On the flip side of that coin, should things not turn in the Cornhuskers’ favor, Pate projects an outcome potentially as disappointing as another 3-9 season.

With the addition of QB Casey Thompson and a favorably schedule, Pate’s final prediction for Nebraska is a bowl-eligible satisfactory 7-5 season. Watch Pate’s deep-dive predictions for Nebraska and the rest of the B1G below.