There’s no secret about it. Nebraska needs a strong season in 2022 to turn things around and likely save Scott Frost’s job with the program.

Brian Christopherson with 247Sports recently discussed the pressure facing the Huskers heading to Saturday and notes Frost has hit the point where “it’s now time” or nothing.

“Scott Frost is 15-29 as Nebraska’s head coach, so let’s be honest, not many guys would still be around with that record,” Christopherson noted.

“He’s had a long runway but we’re now to that point where everybody nods their head in agreement: it’s now time or it’s not happening.”

That “do-or-die” campaign gets started in Week 0, similar to the 2021 season when the Huskers lost to Illinois. This time around, it’s vital that Nebraska shows the team can get off to a strong start and build momentum entering the month of September.

“Here we are again, another Week 0, and there’s that same sort of feeling that ‘It’s gotta happen,’ they’ve gotta get some wind behind their backs,” explained Christopherson.

We’ll see what happens on Saturday when things go down in Ireland.