This is cute.

Kids are authentic. They say what they believe and mean what they say, without thinking about repercussions.

Earlier this week, a kid — who is a Nebraska fan — wrote coach Scott Frost a letter. And, he wants Alabama.

Courtesy of his teacher posting the letter on Twitter, here’s a look:

The child’s letter reads:

“Dear Scott Frost,

Scott we need to add Alabama to are season because we need to test. You and Stanley Morgan Jr. needs to work on his footwork and Ziggy Stardust too. The CU game was good. We tried are hardest but we played Akron. We wouldn’t of lost that football. And if Adrian Martinez was not injured, we might of won. Someday I play for you. It would be an hour to play for you. It will be really cool if you write back.”

I mean, it’s cute. The kid wants his favorite team to play Alabama. He knows the Crimson Tide are special.

And what better way to show the world that Nebraska is even more special than to schedule Alabama and beat them?