Nebraska’s longtime tradition of releasing red balloons after the Huskers score a touchdown has been under harsh scrutiny recently. Environmentalists and others across the country have called for the university to stop littering the skies with the balloons.

The tradition caught even more criticism this week, when a red balloon was reportedly spotted in New York.

According to the Omaha World-Herald, Alyssa Lefebvre, a marine biologist from New York, ran across a red balloon with the “N” logo on one side and “Huskers” on the other while cleaning up one of the areas beaches.

She posted a phot of the balloon on Instagram, along with a message for Nebraska:

That’s about a 1,400-mile journey for that balloon, by the way.

Lefebvre isn’t the only one who has blasted the Huskers for the balloon tradition. Earlier this year, a Florida-based environmental group “Balloons Blow” purchased a billboard in Lincoln pleading with the school to end the release of the balloons.

It clearly hasn’t swayed the Huskers.

According to the Omaha World-Herald, the balloons Nebraska uses are “100 percent natural latex biodegradable” and that they use “100 percent cotton strings.”