College football coaches have to deal with quite a lot. As if being responsible for over 100 players and staff isn’t enough, there are fans, media and administration that sometimes can be a little overbearing.

But, there are some good parts of the job, too. And for Scott Frost — who is beloved at his alma mater — it means he receives quite a few gifts from Nebraska fans across the country.

In a radio interview at B1G Media Days with SiriusXM radio, Frost was asked about some of the gifts he’s received from fans since becoming the head coach at Nebraska. He detailed a rocking horse that was made for his son, some clothes and other fun items.

Frost then talked about some of the weird stuff he’s received since returning to Lincoln. And it was really weird.

“I got a pair of used boxers,” Frost said. “It was pretty obvious (they were used). The guy said ‘these were the boxer shorts I was wearing when you guys beat Missouri in ’97, I thought you’d want to have them.’ He was wrong.”

Not only is that weird, it’s disgusting. And unsanitary. It just highlights how crazy college football fans can be, though.

Below is the clip in which Frost talks about the gifts he’s received since returning to Nebraska: