With the COVID-19 pandemic seemingly altering attendance plans for the upcoming college football season, there are some concerns about what that could mean for Nebraska’s sellout streak. But Nebraska Athletic Director Bill Moos believes the program’s sellout streak can be preserved in 2020 — even if that means making some modifications.

There have been conversations about limited capacities at stadiums across college football. Iowa State released a plan to allow 30,000 fans in its 61,500-seat venue. Ohio State is toying with anywhere from 20,000 to 50,000 fans inside The Horseshoe. Not many are planning to allow full capacity for the 2020 season.

And because Nebraska might have to limit the number of fans it allows inside the walls of Memorial Stadium, it will also change the number necessary to reach a sellout.

“The sellout streak is alive and well if we’re told we can only have 30,000 in Memorial Stadium and we get 30,000,” Moos said, according to Christopher Heady of the Omaha World-Herald. “That’s a sellout.”

Nebraska’s current sellout streak is the longest in college football, reaching 375 games and dating back to the 1962 season. While a sellout might not mean the same total number of fans in the stadium in 2020, there’s really no way the Huskers would be able to work around government and health guidelines this fall.

“We’re very concerned about the safety of our fans, but if we feel and our university and state authorities feel its safe, then I feel we should go the max of whatever is allowable, and that’ll preserve the sellout,” Moos also stated.

Nebraska is scheduled to open the 2020 season at home against Purdue.