Nebraska had a great chance to take a lead in the 3rd quarter against Minnesota Saturday afternoon.

But the Cornhuskers were stuffed at the goal line twice, including a QB sneak by Adrian Martinez. It was close, but the officials ruled him short. He thought he had it, though.

However, the biggest play of the day came at the start of the 4th quarter on 4th and 4 on the Minnesota 9-yard line. The Cornhuskers were trailing 21-16, and Frost decided to bring out the field goal unit. Martinez headed to the sideline, where he watched Connor Culp miss the 21-yard attempt.

Martinez was asked about the decision after the game and had an interesting answer.

The Cornhuskers turned it over on downs on their next drive, then Martinez threw it out of bounds from the end zone — which was intentional grounding and, therefore, a safety. Minnesota ended up winning 30-23, handing Nebraska yet another one-possession loss — its fifth such loss this season. Fans were left wondering what could’ve been if Frost went for it instead of kicked on that pivotal 4th down.