Nebraska was supposed to do big things this season. Many thought the Cornhuskers could win the Big Ten West and have an outside shot at a conference title.

That didn’t happen.

The Huskers finished with a 5-7 record after losing on a game-winning field goal by Iowa. After the game, Husker coach Scott Frost spoke with the media.

He said something that likely won’t sit well with some of the players:

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It’s hard when a coach comes in and inherits a program. The players aren’t exactly his until a few years in. That’s when the team gets flushed out with old players and the new players make up the roster.

That said, you don’t typically see a coach say that his team has weak confidence. Especially when he isn’t a part of it. He said he inherited a team with weak confidence. That has nothing to do with him.

It has everything to do with the players themselves — some of which are still on the roster — and the previous coaching staff.

Not ideal, to say the least.