Nebraska lost 34-7 to Minnesota on Saturday.

The Huskers were without quarterback Adrian Martinez. There were snow flurries. The game was only 14-0 at halftime.

Those statements are all true. However, Scott Frost isn’t buying any excuses or “little wins” to take away.

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Frost, after the game, mentioned the line of scrimmage as the reason why his team lost by 27 points:

Nebraska rushed for 151 yards. Minnesota?


If Nebraska wants to win consistently, it has to play better at the line of scrimmage. That can help lead to more time for its quarterback to make plays. It can help establish a running game and slow down the opposition’s attack. That leads to more time of possession.

Which, of course, leads to more time for your defense to rest in-between possessions. In the end, if a team wins the battle at the line of scrimmage, it can control a game.

Nebraska hasn’t done that enough this season.