Nebraska and Akron were scheduled to play in Week 1 of the college football season, but weather did not allow for this to happen.

Everybody knows this by now. News also surfaced on Sunday when Nebraska athletic director Bill Moos said that the Cornhuskers were willing to play the game on Sunday, but Akron refused. A true reason wasn’t made clear.

A few hours after Moos released his statement, however, Akron athletic director Larry Williams released his statement. Williams gave reasoning as to why the game wasn’t played on Sunday.

Accommodations were looked for and none seemed to be available. That or a number of locations were available, but Akron football players would have had to have been split up into multiple locations.

Hotels aside, the weather didn’t appear to be a certainty on Sunday either, according to Williams.

Do Husker fans buy this?

Regardless, the day has come and gone. The two teams didn’t play in Week 1.

At the bottom of Williams’ statement, though, the two teams seem to be in talk about potentially playing in Week 14 if bowl implications were had.

Interesting. Maybe Nebraska will play Akron after all.