Nebraska just turned the tables in a series of a few plays with a turnover and a 46-yard touchdown run from Anthony Grant two plays later.

After Nebraska took back their lead with 9:37 left in the third quarter to go up 21-17, they were able to force a turnover on the first play of Northwestern’s next drive. Nebraska linebacker Caleb Tannor was able to force a fumble on Northwestern running back Cam Porter following a 21-yard run.

On the following drive for Nebraska, Grant was able to strike again for a 46-yard run to extend Nebraska’s lead 28-17. That fumble was the turnover against Northwestern in the game. That touchdown was Grant’s second touchdown of the game.

Unfortunately for the Huskers, all that momentum was sucked away by a decision to try an onside kick after Grant’s touchdown. We’ll see if Nebraska can get it back with the game heading toward the 4th quarter.