In the middle of a huge B1G showdown, a scary scene unfolded in Columbus.

Tommy Armstrong Jr., Nebraska’s four-year starting quarterback, landed on his head while scrambling for extra yardage against Ohio State.

The situation turned serious in a hurry when Armstrong was on the field, motionless. During a lengthy delay, Armstrong didn’t have much movement. A team spokesman said that Armstrong was briefly unconscious and that he was moving all extremities.

He did move his left hand a little and eventually gave a thumbs up:

While he gave a thumbs up, Armstrong did not appear to open his eyes at any point. He was taken in an ambulance and to a local hospital.

Ryker Fyfe took over for Nebraska down 24-3 in the middle of the second quarter. Fyfe has one career start.

UPDATE: Armstrong returned to Ohio Stadium in sweats. He was walking on his own, and he even looked like he was hustling back. He was welcomed to an ovation from Ohio Stadium. Armstrong is out for the rest of the game on Saturday night, but that in itself is tremendous news.