Having confidence is one thing. What Avery Roberts tweeted is a different ballgame.

The four-star Nebraska recruit is the No. 1 player in Delaware, and one of the key pieces of Nebraska’s 2017 recruiting class.  Leonard Fournette, however, is a Heisman Trophy candidate and arguably the topNFL prospect in football.

But when scout Keith Miller tweeted this hypothetical question, the future Husker linebacker offered up quite the response:

Roberts quoted the tweet and said “Same thing I would do to anyone else….Tell him good night and put him to sleep!”

The tweet was quickly deleted, as expected. Roberts, who normally isn’t outspoken on social media, might not have intended for it to come off as a challenge to Fournette. But given some of the response he got from national media, many interpreted that as smack talk.

Even if we lived in a world in which LSU and Nebraska faced off, Fournette will likely be off to the NFL before Roberts plays a down at Nebraska.

But hey, maybe if Roberts excels in Lincoln, he could get the chance to back up his tweet in the NFL someday.