The parents of Nebraska football student-athletes who threatened the B1G with a lawsuit if more information was not made transparent by the conference and commissioner Kevin Warren have not had their requests met at this time. Attorney Mike Flood provided a statement on the matter on Monday afternoon.

Last week, the parents of Nebraska football players sent a letter to the B1G and Warren, asking for information behind the decision to postpone the fall football season. Thus far, the league has been very vague on its decision.

“Regrettably our office has not received communication nor even a phone call from Commissioner Warren or the Big Ten Conference responsive to our legitimate requests for information in our letter dated August 20, 2020,” Flood wrote in a statement. “Our clients believe that transparency in decision making is not too much to ask when the health of student athletes, their future opportunities and the very survival of men’s and women’s sporting programs are at stake.”

Flood is representing a group of 11 parents of Nebraska student-athletes.

“I will meet with the parents and their sons to take the next, most appropriate step. It is frustrating to me that the student athletes must — on their own dime — pay to educate professional adults about basic transparency and fairness.”

The original requests asked for scientific data that prompted the decision, as well as the outcome of the “vote” among B1G presidents and chancellors.