It has been a good day for the Big Ten. The conference has a new media rights deal and because of it, the Big Ten will be everywhere. The Big Ten will also be very rich — though let’s be honest, money has never been a problem.

The money is great, but the setup is arguably even better.  The agreement was designed so that Big Ten football will literally be broadcasted all during the day on college football Saturdays.

That was the intent, according to Nebraska athletic director Trev Alberts.

“We’ve been trying to create a strategy where, the best we could, we’d own Saturday,” Alberts said, according to the Omaha World-Herald.

FOX will air Big Ten games at noon and starting in 2024, CBS will play Big Ten football in the midafternoon timeslot that has become so synonymous with big-time SEC football over the years. In the evening, NBC will take over with a prime-time offering called “Big Ten Saturday Night”.

The conference will also benefit from cross-promotion on each individual network as well.

“Think about Jim Nantz, on The Masters, talking about Big Ten football games in the fall,” Alberts said. “Or they’re getting ready to air a NFL game on CBS and they’re promoting Nebraska playing Wisconsin. The reach is spectacular.”

In all, Alberts feels that the Big Ten has accomplished what it set out to do regarding the TV deal. He’s been a part of the meetings, led by commissioner Kevin Warren, and Nebraska’s AD seems more than happy with the results.

“We’d talk about some big goals and, from my perspective, we reached, if not all of our goals, most of them,” he said. “This is really important to our players, the platforms to help grow their brands. That’s a big part of the game today.”