Bill Busch has his first test as interim DC with Indiana on Saturday. Nebraska will have to adjust to Busch as well as Mickey Joseph as interim HC following Scott Frost’s firing.

A coaching change can come with many distractions, especially mid-season. Nebraska football is currently on damage control for that reason.

When the guy that led the team entering the season is no longer there, confidence can drain quickly. When the program isn’t meeting the expectations around it, confidence can drain even quicker.

The Cornhuskers now have a chance to gain the upper hand and revive their season. They have some very winnable games coming up against Indiana, Rutgers, Purdue and Illinois. The real question is, can they steady the ship and move forward?

Nebraska welcomes a new defensive coordinator, Bill Busch, who was promoted from special teams. Busch now looks to help his team regain confidence (via 247Sports):

“I think that would be kind of obvious in a way in that the year has not started off great,” Busch said. “So however you put it, you can’t say you’re probably walking around with great confidence. Now, have they acted like that at all on the field? No, they’ve played really well for us in practice since I’ve been with them … (but) I’m sure there’s always a confidence level that’s maybe not through the roof they’re in when they’re sitting in the position they’re in right now.”

Nebraska currently sits at 1-3, but is 5 point favorites over Indiana in Week 5 at home. After a much needed bye week, the Cornhuskers enter Week 5 with hopes of building some momentum.

Kickoff is scheduled for Saturday at 7:30 p.m. EST on BTN.