Bill Busch was elevated to an on-field coaching role for Nebraska this offseason. That job is as special teams coordinator as he was brought on to fix a dreadful unit in Lincoln.

While Busch is the main coach in charge of the special teams unit he is hardly the only coach working with the group in fall camp. According to Brian Christopherson with Husker 247, a number of Nebraska coaches have been helping with special teams early on.

That includes DC Erik Chinander, a person Busch is all too happy to have helping out.

“In most places, guys, you don’t get the defensive coordinator … In most places, they usually just step off during special teams and they’re off on the sidelines kind of hanging out,” Busch said. “Coach Chins is out there with me for every single drill. ‘What do you need done?’ … I give him assignments (and) it’s executed well. I just tell you again, offensive and defensive coaches are kicking ass and I appreciate it.”

Asked about his contributions, Chinander pointed out that special teams is “a third of the game.” He also sees how being effective – or ineffective – on special teams impacts the defense. If the special teams unit is better, it helps every facet of the team play better.

Regardless of who is involved, Nebraska needs a much-improved special teams unit and has prioritized that group so far in camp. We’ll see if it pays off on the field.