The belief has been there since Day 1. When Scott Frost was hired to be the head coach at Nebraska, everyone from players to fans and alumni to media it was only a matter of time before the Huskers started producing significantly better results on the field.

Frost still might be the right guy for the job, but his first three seasons in Lincoln have been a struggle. Nebraska is just 12-20 under his guidance and the Huskers suffered from another losing season in 2020, ending with a 3-5 record.

In a recent interview with The Spun, former offensive lineman Brenden Jaimes, who just completed his final year with the program before moving on to the NFL Draft, talked about Nebraska’s shortcomings in 2020. And he made some interesting remarks regarding the culture of the program.

First, Jaimes was asked if it was weird to adjust to not playing in front of a crowd at Memorial Stadium. Here was his response:

For me personally, no. I prepare the same way I always prepare, whether there are fans in the stands or not. If you’re not mentally and physically jacked up to play a football game at Nebraska, like if you need fans to get jacked up, you shouldn’t be playing at Nebraska. I think that has to do with the culture problems we’ve had there. As far as changes to preparation and mindset, there weren’t really any for me. I was going to give my all every single play because nothing was guaranteed this past season. I just wanted to make the most out of every opportunity.

When asked to elaborate on the culture at Nebraska, here’s what Jaimes followed up with:

In my opinion, we didn’t turn any corners really. It was another frustrating season with things not clicking, and a lot of that started in the offseason. Older guys like me, Adrian and Matt tried to get those things right, but it just never clicked for some of those guys. As frustrating as it was, we had to go out there and continue practicing on Monday and get ready for a game each week. We did the best we could with the guys we had, but it just wasn’t enough.

Failing to produce a winning season in three years is frustrating. But it seems like there may have been some offseason issues within the locker room, which could be hindering the program’s progress.

Either way, Frost enters his fourth season at Nebraska with some pressure to win, or at least reach bowl eligibility.