Bruce Feldman had quite the take on FOX Big Noon Kickoff Saturday/

The crew is on location in Lincoln for Nebraska’s first game under Mickey Joseph versus No. 6 Oklahoma. He weighed in on Scott Frost’s firing and named some potential candidates for the vacant job.

“Talking to coaches here, Scott Frost’s undoing here really game down to three things. First, there was a real bad lack of organization,” Feldman said. “Second, he was impulsive and he would jump in in critical moments in games and make play calling suggestions of things they really hadn’t rep’d much in practice. And third, he leaned on a couple of buddies here around Nebraska and got some really bad advice.”

That seems like a overcomplicated way to explain that the Frost experiment just wasn’t working after 5 years of trying to force a round peg through a square hole.

Feldman named Joseph as someone with a real chance to keep the job, as well as Iowa State’s Matt Campbell, Lance Leipold and Coastal Carolina’s Jamey Chadwell as potential candidates. Matt Rhule was also mentioned.