Gerry DiNardo hasn’t been like much of the media when it comes to Nebraska this offseason. That is, he wasn’t buying into the idea the Huskers were a favorite to win the division in Scott Frost’s second season.

The Big Ten Network analyst and former head coach has backed off those comments, though. After seeing the Huskers up close, he’s changed his mind on what the team can do this season. He now believes Nebraska is a solid pick to win the division.

Originally, DiNardo said that Nebraska was a bit “overrated” headed into the season. Now that he’s seen the Huskers in person, he believes it’s a team that looks the part of a division contender. More importantly, it looks like the Nebraska of old.

“The best way to describe it is, when you looked at them last year, you’d say, ‘This doesn’t look like Nebraska,'” DiNardo said, according to Steven Sipple of Huskers Extra. “This year, you’d say, ‘This is what Nebraska is supposed to look like.'”

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So throw DiNardo into the bunch of college football analysts on the Frost bandwagon. It seems to be a pretty full ride before the season has even started.

It should be fun to see the Huskers back on the field in less than two weeks and get a first-hand look at why everyone is so impressed with Nebraska this offseason.