Nebraska’s season opener against Akron was cancelled due to a severe storm that ripped through Lincoln. Two weeks later UCF’s Week 3 matchup against North Carolina has been cancelled because of the severity of approaching Hurricane Florence.

Both teams are in need of a 12th game. Both teams have a bye week on Oct. 27.

Is there potential the two teams could work something out for that late October date, providing fans with an entertaining matchup in the Scott Frost Bowl, a battle between his former and current team?

There’s certainly a chance that could happen.

Nebraska’s Week 1 game was a home contest against on non-Power Five opponent. Director of athletics Bill Moos has made it quite clear that he wants a 12th game on the schedule to help the Huskers reach the six-win mark and compete for bowl eligibility.

UCF was scheduled to travel to North Carolina to play one of just a few Power Five foes in 2018. But would the Knights be willing to surrender an off week to make a trip to Lincoln?

In a release, UCF said it “will continue to discuss the feasibility of playing the game at a later date this season,” with North Carolina.

The release also stated that UCF is unlikely to replace North Carolina with another game this year as it doesn’t have a “true open date” this fall.

“UCF’s only open weekend during the 2018 regular season falls on the weekend of Oct. 27. However, the Knights are scheduled to play on Thursday, Nov. 1 vs. Temple.”

So, while fans in Lincoln and Orlando would love to see the “Scott Frost Bowl” between Nebraska and UCF, it seems highly unlikely that the Knights would schedule the Huskers.

But until there’s a final word on the situation, we’ll all hope the two programs can reach some sort of agreement.