Clay Helton is getting his team ready for the matchup against Nebraska. He discussed how excited he is to be facing Scott Frost again per Riley Gates of 247Sports.

Frost and Helton met before when both were still coaching in the Pac-12. Helton worked his way up from assistant to head coach at USC, while Frost used to be the offensive coordinator at Oregon. Helton thinks reality is going to set in for this team after playing Nebraska.

“Yeah, we’re gonna get reality this week, to be honest with you. This is a good football team. Scott’s an exceptional offensive coach, he has been. We’ve competed against each other out west when he was at Oregon. You see what he did at Central Florida. I don’t know if there’s been a team that has been in more close games against quality opponents and been right there and ready to get over the top. You look at the talent that Scott’s amassed offensively and defensively, this is a really good football team and a well-coached football team. So, we’ve got a huge challenge for us to go to Lincoln — which is one of the great college atmospheres that are out there — to go take some kids that some of them have never been on a plane before and go to Lincoln and have one of the great college experiences. So, we’re excited for the opportunity to go out there and compete.”

This will be the 1st time the 2 teams have met up in football. Nebraska and Georgia Southern kick off Saturday at 7:30 p.m. ET on FS1.