The college football world is furious about a targeting call that took place in the second half of Nebraska’s game vs. Ohio State on Saturday.

Nebraska safety Deontai Williams was ejected for this hit on a Buckeye receiver:

The play was reviewed and targeting was confirmed, much to the dismay of FOX broadcasters Gus Johnson and Joel Klatt. Here’s their reaction to the decision:

“He is doing everything he can to go low,” Klatt said. “I know it looks bad, but he’s trying to under the head or neck area. He’s trying to lead with his shoulder. Hey college football, what do you want him to do? What do you want him to do? He can’t go two-hand touch on that. That is a poor call and now Nebraska’s defensive secondary is decimated.”

It wasn’t just Klatt who didn’t like the call, which was the second targeting call on the Huskers in the game. Plenty of other college football fans and media had something to say about it:

Nebraska looked like it might challenge Ohio State early on, but the Buckeyes are handling their business and held a 38-17 lead in the fourth quarter when the second ejection took place.

Williams will not be eligible for the first half of the Huskers’ next contest, which is against Wisconsin at home next weekend.