Before Thursday’s practice, Nebraska’s football team had a special guest come to see what the Cornhuskers were up to for the day. That special guest, Milt Tenopir, is a former offensive line coach.

Tenopir coached the line for 29 years. He has been battling leukemia for over two years now, and got to shake hands and hug what seemed like hundreds of members of the Cornhusker football team on Thursday.

“Milt Tenopir has just been a great friend almost from the minute we got here,” said Husker head coach Mike Riley via “We are so thankful for him. He has been a great link for us, a great connection. He’s been just a ton of fun to have around, too.

“He’s had the staff to his house. He has really reached out, gone the extra mile, kind of like you would all know that people in Nebraska would be, but from somebody that has been right inside our profession and coached here. He’s been a great friend and a great help. We are really thankful for him (and his wife) Terri.”