The 2019 season is over for all but two college football programs. Clemson-LSU should be a great game.

But for the other schools, it’s all about 2020. After all, the new year has officially hit. We’re already one week into it. And on Tuesday, the date for Nebraska’s 2020 Spring Game was revealed:

Each year, teams begin with high hopes going into spring ball. Getting in front of fans and not only practicing, but playing a game in April can not only be fun, but players and coaches can learn a lot about what the team exactly looks like going forward.

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There is a lot that one can take from not only spring practices, but the game itself. Typically, it’s more of a large-scale look. Is the QB getting pressured on nearly every drop-back? There may be an offensive line issue. Are players dropping passes left and right? Perhaps catching needs to be worked on and the wide receiver group is a little thin.

We’ll get a better look at what Nebraska could look like in the fall of 2020 starting mid-April. Football season isn’t technically over yet.

But, we already look forward to what 2020 will bring us.