Step aside, Michigan and Ohio State, there’s a new contender for the top rivalry in the B1G — Nebraska and Desmond Howard. There might be a little more fuel on the fire this week.

Friction between the Huskers and Howard began last month after the B1G initially announced its decision to postpone the college football season. After Nebraska released a statement saying it would look for options to play some games in the fall and was disappointed in the league’s decision, the ESPN analyst suggested that commissioner Kevin Warren “demand an apology” or kick “their ass out of the B1G.”

You can imagine why that didn’t sit well in Lincoln.

This week, Howard may have added a little more fuel to the rivalry with some subtly-snarky comments on ESPN’s SportsCenter. He talked about the B1G’s return, which was announced Wednesday, and appeared to throw a little shade at Nebraska.

“They must think that they have a good team this year as they have been very vocal in wanting to play this year,” Howard said, according to Sean Callahan of

Nebraska’s push to reinstate the fall season was undoubtedly one of the main contributing factors to the B1G reconsidering its decision. With help from Ohio State and head coach Ryan Day, as well as players, parents and coaches across the league, the conference decided to reverse course.

A fall season will begin on the weekend of Oct. 23-24.

“I would demand a public apology from Nebraska and if I’m Kevin Warren, I’m working on a way to get their ass out of the B1G,” Howard said in August. “They ain’t Notre Dame, baby. They don’t have that cachet. All the teams and coaches want to play, but they’re not whining and crying.”