Lavonte David never let his foot off the gas in Sunday night’s Super Bowl LV. His relentless effort resulted in 6 tackles, 2 pass break-ups and a 31-9 win for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers over the Kansas City Chiefs.

It also resulted in David’s car running out of gas and nearly missing his Monday morning interview with Good Morning America (GMA).

After the Bucs won Super Bowl LV, David took in the experience. He was celebrating with his teammates and enjoying the first championship of his professional career. He was so excited that he didn’t quite pay attention to how much fuel was left in his gas tank.

Near the end of his interview with GMA, host Robin Roberts asked David if it was true that he ran out of gas on his way to the interview. The linebacker confirmed it:

David just reached the mountaintop of the sports world less than 24 hours before the interview, so he gets a pass on this one. But it’s a funny memory from an incredible weekend in Tampa.

If Tampa Bay is back in the Super Bowl next year, David will be sure to have his gas tank filled all the way up.