Scott Frost has at least one ally among college football analysts over the recent spat with the McCaffrey family.

Last week, the Nebraska head coach was asked about the state of the NCAA transfer portal during a speaking engagement. Honest in his comments, Frost seemed to reference recent transfer quarterback Luke McCaffrey, who left Nebraska for Louisville this offseason and transferred again to Rice.

“Buckle up because this isn’t the last time you’re going to see this happening,” Frost said. “A lot of those kids are getting bad advice.”

Frost did not mention anyone by name, but both Christian and Max McCaffrey, Luke’s brothers, took the comments personally. Both responded on Twitter:

On ESPNU Radio, ESPN college football analyst Greg McElroy took Frost’s side on the issue and also called the response from Christian McCaffrey “immature.”

“Scott Frost didn’t say anything wrong,” McElroy said, per 247Sports. “But he also needs to understand, and I think all of us do, is you can’t throw stones at glasshouses either. Because if you’re going to talk about players that leave the program, whether it be McCaffrey or someone else, it’s going to look bad and it can be used against you if you’re going and talking to players about transferring to your program. It’s a little bit short-sighted. And by the way, Scott Frost said nothing wrong. He said absolutely nothing wrong, and to be honest with you, I’m on his side in this whole deal. Luke McCaffrey might have gotten bad advice, someone who left the program might have gotten bad advice, guys that are leaving programs all over the country in some cases are sometimes receiving that advice.

“I thought what Christian McCaffrey did was immature, personally,” McElroy said. “That’s coming from someone who might have Christian McCaffrey as my favorite player, I love watching him play, he’s amazing. But I thought it was immature. And I understand wanting to protect your brother and whatnot but it’s not your fight to fight. Let your brother handle his stuff, he’s an adult, he’s making decisions for himself. But you need to stay out of it, in my opinion. Because you’re only hearing your brother’s side of things, you’re not hearing anything Scott Frost has to say and something tells me Scott Frost didn’t do anything wrong given the fact that he gave Luke McCaffrey several opportunities to secure the job last year and he was unable to do so.”

Adrian Martinez was likely going to win the starting job again for the Huskers, which probably was the reason prompting Luke McCaffrey’s transfer. His decision to enter the portal did come as a bit of a surprise, as Frost referred to the quarterback as “the future.”