Mike Riley revealed after Thursday night’s practice that five Nebraska players will be suspended for the season opener against BYU.

The first-year coach addressed the media with the news, but did not want to release the names of the players.

“I’m not going to give you their names, and I’m not going to tell you why,” Riley told the Omaha World-Herald, “but it was obviously a team violation.”

Riley didn’t say when he would release the names of the players, just that he wanted to wait until the “appropriate time.” He did say that it was a new situation and that the suspended players should’ve known they were doing something wrong.

That indicates that Riley could wait to reveal the names until the week leading up to the team’s opener against BYU. If there are starters involved, it’d be tough to imagine them taking first-team reps.

Riley is in his first year with Nebraska after spending 14 years at Oregon State.